Permanent Exhibition by Amnh 3d Design Team

Amnh 3d Design Team Reveals The The Titanosaur Permanent Exhibition

Amnh 3d Design Team, the architect of the highlighted project The Titanosaur - Permanent Exhibition by Amnh 3d Design Team explains, Fossils of this specific Titanosaur, one among a diverse group of sauropod dinosaurs, were discovered in the Argentinian desert in 2014. This particular dinosaur, which is so new that it has not yet been officially named by paleontologists, is thought to be the largest creature ever to walk the Earth. It stands at 46 feet tall, 122 feet long and would have weighed in at around 70 tons. The American Museum of Natural History casted and mounted a replica of the dinosaur and brought five of the original fossils to the exhibit, in an effort to include the public in this ground breaking discovery..

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