Award Winning Magic Stone Aroma Diffuser

Nicola Zanetti Illustrates The Magic Stone Aroma Diffuser

Nicola Zanetti, the creative mind behind the award winning work Nicola Zanetti's Magic stone Aroma diffuser explicates, Magic Stone is much more than an household appliance, is able to create a magical atmosphere. Its shape is inspired by nature, thinking of a stone, smoothed by the water of a river. The water element is symbolically represented by the wave that separates the upper from the lower body. The water is the key element of this product that through ultrasound atomizes the water and the scented oil, creating a cold steam. The wave motif, serves to create the atmosphere through the LED light that smoothly changes colors. Stroking the cover you activate the capacity button that controls all functions..

Award Winning Magic Stone Aroma Diffuser Images:


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