Dmitry Pogorelov's Servvan Robotic Vehicle

Dmitry Pogorelov Illustrates The Servvan Robotic Vehicle

Dmitry Pogorelov, the creator of the displayed work Award Winning Servvan Robotic vehicle explicates, Service or a rental car, having unmanned control. Vehicle is symmetrically, that makes it cheap to produce. It has a four swivel motor- wheels, and the possibility of reversing motion, that in complex it makes maneuver with large dimensions. Boarding “vis-a-vis” improves communication of passengers. Vehicles are combined into a single system, so they can communicate with each other, which increases the efficiency of transport of passengers, as well as an increase in efficiency due to the movement in the road train (reducing of FX coefficient, the distance between vehicles)..

Dmitry Pogorelov's Servvan Robotic Vehicle Images:


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