Grill Pan Cooking Surface:mipan by Michael O'donnell

Michael O'donnell Creates The Mipan Grill Pan Cooking Surface

Michael O'Donnell, the creative mind behind the award winning project Award Winning MiPan Grill Pan Cooking Surface points out, The MiPan is designed to absorb the fat and liquid by-products of the cooking process and hold them within a cavity preventing unpleasant spitting and the associated mess. This efficient removal of excess fat and liquid creates leaner food cooked at lower temperatures. The reduction in cooking temperature means a reduction in carcinogens produced by pyrolysis. Finally the MiPan promotes the Maillard reaction as the removal of water facilitates the recombination of sugars and amino acids to form new flavour compounds..

Grill Pan Cooking Surface:mipan by Michael O'donnell Images:


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